Propane for Every Budget

Propane for Every Budget

Are you wondering, “How can I save on my heating bill?” We have some ideas to help! Call Autore Oil today to take advantage of the plan that is best for you! You’ll be glad you did!

1. Sign up for the Propane Budget Pay Plan

Instead of paying for winter propane upon delivery, upgrade for FREE to the Budget Plan, where we calculate equal monthly payments that go ALL YEAR ROUND.

Budget Pay is a convenient option that provides:

  • price protection — fixed rate from October through April. You must enroll in the summer to receive price protection.
  • zero financing fees
  • FREE Automatic Delivery – Please keep in mind that if there are changes in your usage to please contact our office. If your gauge reads 25% and you have not received a delivery, please feel free to contact us to ensure you do not run out.

Sign up each year by September! Call Autore Oil during that time, and say, “Add me to the Propane Budget Plan!” Current Propane Budget Plan customers will be re-enrolled unless we are notified otherwise.

2. Take advantage of low summer propane prices with our Propane Pre-buy Plan (Call during the summer to check availability)

If you pre-buy your propane in the summer, you pay the summer rate instead of the higher, winter rate. We will estimate your annual propane usage to determine the number of gallons to purchase. When you pre-buy your propane, you can save hundreds of dollars on winter heating, and you don’t have to watch the daily propane price! Your price is a fixed rate until April 30th or the amount of propane you pre-purchased runs out. If you need more propane than you purchased up front then you will pay market rate starting at that point.

**These gallons sell quickly on a first-come, first-served basis.**
**Orders are valid only with a signed contract and when paid in full.**


You decide how much to buy. The amount you deposit into your account is entirely up to you. PREBUY fixed rate is in effect  until April 30th or your balance reaches zero.

It’s better to buy extra propane at a lower rate. Once your balance reaches zero, you will begin paying for the product at our current rate. If the balance on your account does not cover the full delivery, the delivery will break down into two parts. The credit balance will be delivered at Pre Buy price. The rest of the delivery will be at the current price.

Automatic Delivery remains in effect. Automatic Customers will continue to automatically receive deliveries when Pre Buy runs out unless you initiate a change.

Your PREBUY begins with your first fall delivery then continues thru April 30 or until your credit is exhausted, whichever comes first.

3. Sign up for the Fixed Rate Plan

The Fixed Price Plan allows you to receive a fixed price with a $200 deposit. The plan begins with your first fall delivery and continues through April 30 or until your pre-purchased gallons are exhausted, whichever comes first.

Please call Autore Oil today if you have questions or need more information to complete your contract.

Discounts on Propane

Thank you for your service! If you or your spouse currently serves or has served in the military, then send us a copy of your DD214, military ID or driver’s license identifying you as a veteran and you’ll receive a discount of 5 cents per gallon. We are also offering a First Responder Discount with proof (ID or Letter from Department Chief)

We appreciate your paying your bill promptly. If you pay within 10 days, we’ll knock off 5 cents per gallon!

Own your own propane tank? If you own your own tank, we’ll take 10 cents off per gallon!

NOTE: If you fall into more than one of these customer segments, you can add these discounts together for a possible total discount of 15 cents per gallon.