Delivery Plans

Delivery Plans

You can rest easy with Automatic Delivery since you won’t have to remember to schedule a propane refill! We’ll track your use for you. Our inventory tracking system allows us to track historical and current weather conditions to determine when more fuel is needed.

With Automatic Delivery, your propane delivery will be scheduled before your tank gauge reads below 20 percent. This reduces the possibility of an undesirable out-of-gas situation. Automatic Delivery is not a guarantee that you will not run out. It is our pledge to help you fill up before you’re tank runs too low to schedule a timely fill-up.

We ask that you notify us if there has been a change in your home. Adding a new family member or a large get-together, new appliances or adding a generator can increase your usage. We’ll need to update our automated routing system information so your propane delivery will be accurate.


Automatic Delivery with a Monitor

We will place a monitor on the tank, and receive daily readings to know when your tank needs to be filled. We will put a ticket up when the tank is between 20%-30%. Call us for more details!

Will Call

If you’re a “Will Call” customer, we recommend you call when your tank percentage is at 30%. We require two business days’ notice to allow your propane delivery to be worked into our regular routes. No after-hours or weekend deliveries when on Will Call. Minimum delivery requirements apply.

No after-hours or weekend deliveries when on Will Call WITHOUT a special trip fee.

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If you have any questions or are interested in any of our delivery programs, please contact us.