Winter Payments

Since 1955 Autore Oil Company has been serving the Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan customer's home heating needs. Established by Anthony (Tony) and Ethel Autore they built a reputation of quality petroleum products and excellent customer service. Autore Oil Company was one of the first in the area to establish a keep full program for our customers. The keep full program tracks their usage and schedules deliveries offering our customer peace of mind.

In mid August Autore Oil offers our winter programs to help our customer keep their heating cost to a minimum. These programs include a Pre Buy Program, Budget, and Credit Cap program.

The Budget Plan:
When enrolled on the Budget Plan the customer makes eleven monthly payments to smooth out the winter heating bills.  Our staff speculates how much product the customers home will go through for the year then calculates what your average monthly bill will be.  This program starts in mid September and runs through July and offers a capped rate for propane.  Below is the details.

Details on the Budget Plan:
Your tank will need to be full and paid for at the start of the Budget Plan.
If you are a COD Customer, please contact the office, special arrangements for the Budget Plan may be available.
We review all Budget Plans in January. If your payments need to be adjusted, we will notify you by mail.
All payments must be made on time and in full to receive the benefit of the capped price per gallon.

Autore Oil & Propane now offers Electronic Funds Transfer options for your budget payments. With a voided check, we can deduct your payments directly from your bank account on the 15th of each month.

The Pre-Buy Plan:
The Pre Buy plan is where the customer decides to put down an amount of money to their account. Then throughout the winter each delivery is applied to the money they have in their account, at a capped price per gallon.

Details on the Pre-Buy Plan:
If the market price per gallon minus our ten cent discount is less than the Pre Buy Capped Price you will receive the cheaper price. If the market price per gallon is more than the capped price you will pay the capped price.

The amount you deposit into your account is entirely up to you, and your deliveries will be applied to your prepayment until your balance reaches zero.

PREBUY capped rate is in effect until your balance reaches zero. Once your balance reaches zero, you will begin paying for the product at our current rate. The Pre Buy Pricing ends June 30.

If the balance on your account does not cover the full delivery, the delivery will break down into two parts. The credit balance will be delivered at Pre Buy price. The rest of the delivery will be at the current price.

Automatic Customers will continue to automatically receive deliveries when Pre Buy runs out unless customer initiates a change.

Your PREBUY begins with your first fall delivery then continues thru June 30 or until your credit is exhausted., whichever comes first.

The Credit Card Cap Plan:
It is your responsibility to be sure that your credit card will not be expiring during the heating season, If the card you are using will be expiring, you will need to contact our office as soon as you receive your new one to update our system. If you experience any other changes in your credit card situation such as lost or stolen, you will need to contact us immediately.

If you fail to notify us with any changes in the credit card status, this could jeopardize your capped price for the rest of the heating season, and loss of the enrollment fee regardless of when you default.

This Program runs through June 30th. After that date your price per gallon will return to the market price.

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